How to Monitor the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Twitter

Coronavirus (officially, COVID-19, or novel coronavirus) is a disease discovered in 2019 that has not been previously identified in humans. As this disease is new, most don't know what to do and how to react to this situation.

So in this article, we will inform you about what Coronavirus is and how you can monitor Twitter to get all the latest updates about this life-threatening disease.

What is COVID-19? And Why should you keep yourself updated about this disease?

Originated in the food market of Wuhan, China, Coronavirus is a severe disease with symptoms of cough, fever, and shortness of breath.

This disease is growing at an exponential rate, and as of writing this article, there are more than 426,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases and 26,826 deaths all over the world (Source)

Coronavirus cases & deaths

The mortality rate of this disease is more than 10% (a lot higher than the estimated 3.4% by World Health Organization), which is enough to consider COVID-19 a life-threatening disease.

As mentioned above, this disease is new with no history and vaccine is not available yet, so there is uncertainty about what people should do.

Governments everywhere are implementing various protective measures, and you, too, should take steps to protect yourself from Coronavirus until the spread of this disease reduces.

To be safe, keep yourself updated on all the latest developments on Coronavirus.

Now it can be tough to gather accurate information from newspapers, news websites, or TVs as these channels mostly have delayed reports and can be difficult to track in situations like these.

That is where Twitter, a microblogging platform, helps. You can use Twitter to monitor all the updates on Coronavirus (or anything else for that matter) to get all the information as it happens without any delay.

How to Monitor the Twitter for COVID-19

To monitor all the information related to COVID19 on Twitter, you can use the Twitter search or any Twitter monitoring tool such as MyTweetAlerts.

With this tool, you can discover all the tweets that are important to you, and you can get all those tweets directly in your inbox. You can set up custom tweet alerts and receive unlimited emails of all the matched tweets.

Note: If your alerts are too broad, the number of tweets in the email will be limited.

To create an alert for Coronavirus disease-related updates, follow these steps…

1. Go to MyTweetAlerts and sign in using your Twitter account (this will take a few seconds only), and you'll be redirected to a page where you can start creating Twitter alerts.

2. Now enter an alert name, include keywords (COVID-19 and Coronavirus) in the Keywords section, and input your email address. After that, include a few filters like tweets from some specific users or tweets from any particular location only.

That's it, you have set up your first Twitter alert, and now you will receive all the necessary updates directly to your inbox.

Also, the tweets with your selected keywords will show up on the next screen so that you can go through all the tweets and find all the critical information.

Now, if you don't want updates from all the generic tweets, you can do that too with MyTweetAlerts...

Once you have entered an alert name, keywords, and your email address, click on Advanced Settings to configure those options.

Here you can set advanced filters like case sensitive search, location, profile keywords, language, and how many tweets you want in an email. You can also create filters on tweets with more than (X number of) followers, retweets, likes, or replies.

You can also set up direct notifications on Slack and change the frequency of emails from daily to hourly if you sign up for the MyTweetAlerts paid plan.

Free MyTweetAlerts Accounts

During this crisis, to support you, we are offering two things...

1. Preconfigured alerts with all the viral Coronavirus tweets and the related hashtags setup (all tweets with over 10k likes).

2. Free Enterprise accounts for companies and organizations who are looking to monitor the Coronavirus related updates.

So all you have to do is to check this web page to see COVID-19 updates. If you have a company or you work in a company, you can send us an email to get free Enterprise plan access to our tool for COVID-19 data.

Viral Coronavirus Related Twitter #Hashtags to Follow

These are some of the most popular and frequently updated keywords related to Coronavirus, which you can track…

You can use Twitter Alerts for so Much More…

A lot of stuff happens on Twitter daily that is important to you, but due to the time limitations, it's not possible to go through hundreds of tweets to find out a few relevant ones.

With a Twitter monitoring tool, you can automate the process, so you don't have to miss those critical tweets that happen when you're sleeping or just too busy.

Other than tracking Coronavirus updates on Twitter, you can track updates of the stock markets, news of shares in which you have invested, and the response of governments, which can result in a lot of volatility everywhere.

This is important as you should have the necessary data points to calculate your risk of exposure and take all the informed decisions.

With all these latest updates delivered straight to your inbox, you can be sure of the latest situations and what you should do to take care of your work, business, family, and investments.

Lastly, this is a hard time for everyone, and we're here to support our users in every way possible. We appreciate all those healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around the world working round the clock to contain COVID19.

Stay healthy, and keep everyone around you healthy.